We spent the next few months together at my house, trying to adapt to the situation with my roommates and their partners. My sister and I hadn't lived together since I had left home six years ago, and now we were sleeping in the same bed and sharing every waking (and sleeping) moment. When I think back on the first few weeks, I remember it as a time of rediscovery. I learned that she sets the table before every meal, and that she practically licks the plate after eating. She learned that I steal the covers in the middle of the night, and that I am more politically minded than I was when I left home. Most importantly, she met my friends, she spent time in my city and in my house, she learned about my world in a way that she hadn't, that no one had, before all this. I have always felt myself divided between who I am at home with my family, and who I am alone in the world. For the first time, my sister bridged this gap. She is the only person in the world who really knows both these sides of me.

as seen on Nearness, 2020

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